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Check out Think Like a Data Scientist,
in early access now. The first chapter is free to download.
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There's not a huge difference between fiction and data science. They both take roundabout paths strewn with dialectic encounters and flowery—if incomprehenisble—language, but they both are capable of leading us to truths that nothing else can find.

If you stumble sideways into one of the great truths of fiction or data science, it's not because you're lucky; it's because your preparation taught you how to recognize something meaningful. That doesn't happen if you don't know the canon. I take pride in knowing my Anna Karenina and my Bayesian Data Analysis.

Motto of the moment: Lots of people are good at telling you things that you can do with data science, but I want to tell you what you should do.

I'm what you might call a "full stack" data scientist, but I don't think anyone should be employed as such. You don't want one guy doing the UI and the machine learning. Sure, we can do both, but one of them won't look good.

Data Auteur

Data sets are rife
with errors, problems, and lies,
but don't make one up.

I made a parody:

"I Love It When You
   Call Me Big Data"

Mathematics and statistics

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Data science

I'm writing a book about it! You can see what I've done and other things I'm doing on my publications page and my AngelList profile.


I'm always trying to think of something clever. Hopefully I'll have something to show for it soon, fiction or non. For now, here's an old blog post of mine on special relativity.


Unoceros, also Panopticon Labs, and [yet another] book on data science. Visit my AngelList profile to see more.