About me

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Originally from the Cincinnati area, I lived in Vienna, Austria for a long while, currently reside in beautiful Baltimore, and call Chicago my honorary fourth home.

There's almost nothing I like more than a good novel, but a well-executed bit of problem solving comes close. I've always liked math, but, perhaps oddly, it always played second fiddle to a series of primary interests: physics, finance, economics, computational biology, and now this whole "data science" thing. If only I could do everything, and be everywhere...

On data science and fiction

There's not a huge difference between fiction and data science. They both take roundabout paths strewn with dialectic encounters and flowery—if incomprehenisble—language, but they both are capable of leading us to truths that nothing else can find.

If you stumble sideways into one of the great truths of fiction or data science, it's not because you're lucky; it's because your preparation taught you how to recognize something meaningful. That doesn't happen if you don't know the canon. I take pride in knowing my Anna Karenina and my Bayesian Data Analysis.

Some fun things I've done:

I was interviewed at the 2015 Structure Conference. I probably had too much coffee beforehand.

That time I did a probabilistic analysis of world records and elite performances in track and field, was published right before the 2012 Olympic Games and was interviewed and quoted in two articles on insidescience.org.

The time I presented at a Data Science MD Meetup in Baltimore, and someone took a video.

Those times I set world records in backwards running, first at 800m, then at 3000m and 5000m in a single run (article in German). My arch nemesis has since broken two of them a couple of times. Current world records for backwards running are here.

The Washington Post article about me having "turned around [my] running career".

Those times when I ran forwards and was actually pretty good at it. Also that absolutely perfect day in high school when I won a state championship for the second time.

When I won a hard-fought Celtic Solstice 5-miler wearing spikes in a road race during the first Baltimore blizzard in December of '09. I cross the finish line at 3:27 in this video, but that's nowhere near the best part.

That time I was a style icon.

In March 2014, when my name appeared in a clue on Jeopardy!, because of running backwards, of course.